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Here are some of the groups most effectively tracking some of the issues.

under reconstruction

for the next Congress

(This list is limited to issues which the U.S. Congress has substantial involvement with.)

I've just re-organized the topic list. It will be filled in soon.

There are a lot of sites encouraging you to take their stand. This list concentrates on the fewer, partisan or not, just keeping you up to date.
The number of links in an area reflects the quantity available so far, not the area's relative importance.   Please email us with any suggestions, additions or comments.

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Active Legislation (Senate)

Active Legislation in the Senate updated at least weekly

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latest/breaking news

IQExpress "Where the Hill Meets the Web"

Common Dreams progressive newswire

WWW Virtual Library: International Affairs Resources--News Sources

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general sources

Congressional Quarterly

National Center for Policy Analysis

Almanac of Policy Issues

Moving Ideas

The Email Activist

Congressional Committee Schedules

news sources with a lot of political coverage (not exhaustive!)


Common Dreams

News Batch Summaries

AlterNet Top Stories

Common Dreams



truthout, News Politics


Source Watch

Media Matters for America

government data

keyword search of 30 Million Government Web Pages

GPO Access Online A-Z Resource List and Description of Databases Online via GPO Access

economic data

Budget of the United States Government

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if you're a little more serious . . .

You can't talk about community organizing without starting with Saul Alinsky.

This doesn't have a good niche on this page, but I really had to mention the Highlander Research and Education Center, where people such as Rosa Parks learned organizing.

ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now)

Democracy for the few, by The Email Activist

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Campaign Finance / Election Reform

Public Campaign

Public Citizen | Campaign Finance Reform

FairVote - Center for Voting and Democracy

Campaign Finance Clearinghouse searchable database

Public Citizen Campaign Finance Reform

Common Cause Election Reform

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Children's Issues

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Civil Liberties; Censorship

American Civil Liberties Union   Legislative Update   "Safe and Free"

In Defense of Freedom

American Library Association  NewsPress ReleasesPress Kits; and  Office for Intellectual Freedom

Electronic Frontier Foundation

Electronic Privacy Information Center

National Coalition Against Censorship

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separation of Church and State

Americans United for Separation of Church and State

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Corporate Governance

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Education Week

Yahoo News Education

Yahoo News School Vouchers

Department of Education National Center for Education Statistics

Department of Education “The nation's Report Card”

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Sprawl City

Public Citizen Critical Mass Energy and Environment Program

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Environment / Conservation

The League of Conservation Voters HomeCampaignsTake Action page

Friends of the Earth

EarthJustice: Take Action

Earth Island Institute   Action Alerts   Tools to Search for Information

Environmental Defense Fund Action Center

Natural Resources Defense Council  Legislative Watch

EarthFirst! Issues

Environment, The Email Activist

Black rhinoceros link list

Worldwatch Institute (definitive background research)

World Resources Institute   Research topics

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Fiscal Issues

Federal Budget & Spending

Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

OMB Watch

Project on Government Oversight


Taxpayers for Common Sense

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Global Issues

Global Policy Forum -- What's New

(Emory University) Globalization Website

Globalization issues (links)

Public Citizen Global Trade Watch

Globalization of Law

Legislationline  from the Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR) of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE), and the European Union

The New Global Economy  by The Email Activist

International Forum on Globalization (background and current -- not up-to-the-minute)

The Globalization Website Data Sources

Harvard University Global Trade Negotiations Home Page

“Development” and Sustainability

Globalization and Trade

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Health Care

Public Citizen Health Research Group

Pharmaceutical Industry

Common Cause Rx Pricing

Reproductive Rights / Abortion

listed under “Women's Issues”


Dietery Supplements

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Intellectual Property

Electronic Frontier Foundation

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Judicial Nominations

Senate Committee on the Judiciary

current schedule

Executive Business Meeting schedule

Nominations (still listing last Congress)

Search Hearings

Online Library/Document Order

Members link page

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Common Cause Information is everywhere.

Media Consolidation

mediachannel.org's latest news, and recent archives on Ownership, War and Peace Monitor, and, less reliably, "Mediaocracy"

The Media Access Project

Consumers Union press releases

Ownership information (changes rapidly!)

Columbia Journalism Review Who Owns What (broadcast stations)

Center for Public Integrity Searchable Ownership Database only has lists, not sizes

Media Regulation Timeline

"Big Ten" as of (12/01)

Media Giants as of (2/01)

One of the most important scholars and critics of the grand consolidation is Robert W. McChesney, who also has a good links page.

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Military, “Defense”, “National Security”

National Security  The Email Activist

The Monday Lobby Group

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Social Security

"There Is No Crisis"

"The Fainthearted Faction" of Democrats supporting Social Security "reform"

"The Conscience Caucus" of Republicans opposing Social Security "reform"


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individual States


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Technology Issues

Center for Democracy and Technology

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War on Some Drugs

National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws

 --  Current Action Alerts

Drug Policy Alliance  /  Action Center  /  Foundation  /  Lindesmith FoundationLibrary  &  Library search

The Drug Reform Coordination Network

DrugSense: Drug Law Reform - Weekly Newsletter

Marijuana Policy Project

 (primarily state-level)

LEAP: Law Enforcement Against Prohibition - Homepage

Judges Against the Drug War

Families Against Mandatory Minimums

International Antiprohibitionist League

Rapid-navigation portal for drug policy reform sites

DRCNet Online Library of Drug Policy

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Women's Issues

National Organization for Women Legislative Action Center

Feminist Majority Foundation  NewsPress Releases, and  action alerts

Health Care; Reproductive Rights / Abortion

Planned Parenthood Federation

 /  Take Action  /  Sign Up

NARAL Pro-Choice America

 /  NARAL Hub Homepage  /  Federal Legislation  /  Legislative Action Center  /  Save the Supreme Court - Rapid Responder  /  sign up for the Choice Action Network

SIECUS Public Policy

Medical Students for Choice

Catholics for a Free Choice What's New

Abortion Law Development: A Brief Overview

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think tanks & idea sources

Rockridge Institute

Moving Ideas Network

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some reading lists

Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting

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cutting through the media fog

Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting

The Propaganda Mill  from The Email Activist

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a few general gadflies

The Email Activist

Jim Hightower

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some other lists like this one

IQExpress "Resources"

Politics, Freedom & The Law

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